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At Cullinan we understand that a marketing campaign can be essential to the growth of a business. We create marketing campaigns with your target audience and business objectives at the forefront to generate valuable leads and grow your brands recognition.

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Project Briefing

Data is the lifeline of any successful marketing strategy. Through our process of thorough industry research, competitor analysis, and review of your business and website, we craft custom solutions for your specific needs.


Additional client information and future business objectives are all considered to lay the ground work for a successful marketing strategy.



Proper design of landing pages and marketing material can make or break a campaign. Our design principles enhance the visitor experience instantly upon viewing advertisements or landing on your site.



Realtime monitoring and reporting of results and forecasts of your campaign powered by artificial intelligence, at your fingertips. This allows for agility in marketing campaigns based on the latest trends.


Are you ready to grow your business?

We offer everything you need to take your business a step above the rest with digital marketing strategies tailored specifically for your business, just like our web designs, because what’s the point of good looks without substance?

Search Network Ads / Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Be there for your target audience, exactly when they need you

Expand your business or brand's influence by using industry specific keywords to reach potential customers where they are already looking, Google SERP's. Through our use of machine learning and cutting edge analytics to track the progress of your campaign and manage bid strategy, you can be assured you're getting the results you deserve at the price you want.
At Cullinan we utilizing marketing strategies such as Remarketing, Sequential Remarketing, and Affinity Groups to reach visitors that are more likely to convert to customers.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Take your social media game to a new level

Place your ads in the most sharable environment on the planet with our Social Media Marketing Services. Send users to your social media page to tell your brand's story, or to your website, all with the click of a button. Place your ads right in your target audience's feed on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and many more.
Target your ideal customer to an incredible level of specificity by using key demographics, interests, and many more characteristics of the potential customers you want to convert.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Reach more customers without paying a cent

SEO is the backbone to organic web search traffic and the perfect strategy to use when you're looking for long-term growth in your websites traffic. Our SEO services target users who are the most likely to convert on your website, and take them directly there, making it one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. It may take up to six months for SEO to yield results, but the results are worth the wait for those who are looking to grow their online presence.
SEO is an essential strategy for growing your online presence while suppressing the visibility of your competitors.

Results Driven Digital Marketing


Display Advertising

Increase your brands recognition

While Search Network Ads are great for meeting the intent of the person searching, Display Ads excel at creating demand. Display Networks build brand loyalty, trust, and awareness. You won't see instant results with incredible ROI from the start like you will with PPC ads, but Display Ads are a long term strategy designed to build your brand and yield results in the future.
Our approach to Display Ad campaigns are designed to take advantage of the process every buyer undergoes before they act to purchase something. First is awareness, and Display Ads are great at getting your brand in front of many new viewers. Next, a customer will show interest in a product or service. The last and most crucial step is for them to consider making a purchase. This is where you can gain a customer for life or never hear from them again, and your website can be the difference.

Conversion Rate Optimization Background

Conversion Rate Optimization

Turning your online visitors into customers

You could have thousands of potential customers visit your site each day, but that means nothing if they're not actually converting. That's why we consider every step of the user journey and make sure that they aren't just passing by, but stay and become loyal customers

More Qualified Leads

Our process of increasing conversions starts before someone even sees one of your ads. Through our use of affinity groups and lookalike audiences we find people who share a common interest with your current customer base, generating a surge of qualified leads who are more likely to convert into customers

Spend Less Per Acquisition

At Cullinan we strive to generate the most value for our customers. We achieve this by using keywords that are specific to your industry and resonate well with your customers, then include them in your landing pages. This creates consistency and relevancy with your Ad Headlines and Descriptions, ensuring your ads have a great Google Quality Score which directly reduces your Cost-Per-Click (CPC).

Quality Ads

A higher Quality Score results in Google placing your keywords and ads as the first choice for customers, resulting in more viewers for your ads.

Lower Cost-Per-Click

Increasing Quality Score (QS) can reduce the bid price of an ad and still have it placed in the first spot. This is a result of the formula Google uses to rank ads: QS X Bid Amount = Ad Rank.

Targeting Qualified Buyers

Researching your market and industry allows us to target more qualified leads who are more likely to convert into customers.

Advanced Analytics

Artificial Intelligence powers the simulations of forward trends to forecast the results of all your campaigns. Taking billions of search queries, updated daily, you can be assured you're getting accurate, detailed information on every aspect of your marketing campaign.

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